Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Boadicea Essay -- essays research papers

Boadicea was she a powerful ruler, or a merciless cosmopolitan? Many questions arise when you begin to explore her accomplishments or many would even say failures. Most of the information on Boadicea has been derived from myths and most of what is written about her is from the lyric of her Roman enemies. During the creation and rule of the Roman Empire, Rome would constantly be aiming to takings over the entire known world. Consequently Boadicea and her people of Britannia clashed. Julius Caesar was the first to take over Britain he forced 6 powerful barbarian tribes to become a part of the Roman Empire. Iceni was amongst them, which happened to be the tribe of the famous Boadicea and her husband Prasutagus. However, Caesar and his phalanx left that same year because they found the conditions too cold. Later in 43 AD Claudius Nero came into power. A man who was both cruel and pitiless, in his liveliness he managed to not only kill both his wives, his brother, and his mother but was known to go around the streets at night killing random men. Nero who valued so badly to earn the respect of his Roman citizens decided to retake Britain. Boadicea was born into aristocracy in the year 30 AD she then get hitched with the ruler of the Iceni tribe. She had two daughters during their marriage. When the Roman army invaded her city her husband Prasutagus agreed to leave all his accumulated wealth to the Roman Emperor. Prasutagus did this in the hope that his democracy would be taken in piece but Nero did no...

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