Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Drama Script :: Papers

Drama Script MRS JOHNSTONE (shouting) - Put that hero down Please son, please rice paddy (looking in Mrs Johnstone) - Stay out of this This is between me and him, alright MRS JOHNSTONE (tears coming in her eyes) - please forgive him, son Please EDWARD - Mickey, listen to your mother, she is right. Maybe we can conversation this through MICKEY (looking at Edward in the eye) - You took my wife (Linda) away from me, and you want to talk this through. You dont deserve to live, you bastard EDWARD - Mickey, please Put the gun down. MICKEY- Say one more word, and Ill carry you MRS JOHNSTONE (on her knees) - No Mickey put that gun down, please Two policemen run toward the stage unexpectedly. Both of them retention on to a loaded pistol POLICE 1 (loudly) - Put that gun down, place your hand on your head and step away. MRS JOHNSTONE - Mickey, before you do any thing stupid, listen to me I have something important to say to you. MICKEY- What could be more important, then to see the death of Edward Lyons MRS JOHNSTONE - Dont shoot him And listen to me MICKEY - I can shoot that bastard, if I want to. Is not like that bastard, is related to me. MRS JOHNSTONE (weeping slowly) - You cant shoot Mickey EDWARD (smiling at Mrs Jonhstone) - And why not MRS JOHNSTONE - Because heis MICKEY he is what MRS JOHNSTONE (on her knees) he is you chum.. Mickey he is your twin brother. EDWARD (with a surprised tone) Is this .true, Mrs Johnstone. Mickey is my twin brother Mrs Johnstone nods her head slowly and looks at Mickey. MICKEY (with a shock facial expression) please tell me you are joking I get it you are assembly to me, so Ill put the gun and not shoot Edward. MRS JOHNSTONE (calmly) Does it look like, Im joking.

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