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Integrated Supply Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Integrated Supply Management - Essay ExampleThey be to a fault held credi twainrthy when it comes to helping the civil government in maintaining the countrys essential services. The demands of the Indian array have been increasing continuously since the issue of insurgents started. The armament has been deployed to divers(a) part of the nation to protect its citizens and keep the people there safe. Army troops have been sent to Kashmir, Jammu and all the Northern parts of the nation. For the Indian force to be able to protect its people well and protect the Indian Territory from terrorists, the armament has to be well prepared and well taught so that they are able to carry out operations in a manner that will help them give the best protection to their citizens. In order for this to happen, the army has to be equipped well it has to be modernized and has to undergo a suitable structure process (Bharat, 2008). The Indian army is divided in to two categories, which include the ar ms and the services. The services provide administration and logistics to the whole running of the army. While the arms have got several duties, they are the category of the Indian army that carries out the operations like defend the nation and its citizens. The arms are consisted of the infantry, the armored, the aviation, the artillery, and the air defense artillery, engineers, the Signals and the intelligence. For the Indian army to be able to perform its duties of protecting the nation, they require supplies that will help them run their armed forces properly. There are several types of supplies that are directed to the Indian army. Some of them include the procurement of weapons in the armed forces. The Indian government has in the past procured several weapons that are being used by the army. Since the rate of the insurgency in the Indian neighborhoods has risen, Indian armed forces have procured quite a lot of weaponry to ensure that they keep their territory safe. The proce ss of procuring these weapons and other equipment is a long and hectic one. A lot of money is channeled towards this type of procurement. The quality of the weapons that are to be supplied must be the best quality since the army has to use the best type of weapons. In procuring weapons, the government has to critically analyze the extremely competitive bids and make sure that the supplier that will grow in the weapons is legitimate, has the financial stability and ability and that the supplier is able to bring in quality weapons for usage (Paul, 2008). The Indian army was hit by a scandal that was claiming that they ate food that was out of date. thereof when supplying the food stuff for the Indian army, the government has to select diligently a comp some(prenominal) that is able to deliver quality food stuff to the army. For any normal persons, the ability to perform their duties requires them to consume fresh and healthy food hence the procurement of food in the army is done wi th the utmost care. The army also requires office supplies like electronics and writing material. The Indian government chooses diligently when deciding on the supplier. They consider the financial credibility and the ability for the supplier to bring in a quality office supplies that will not fail while the army is in operations. Service supply like the repairing of the military equipment is also a key issue to keeping the army functional and able to perform i

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