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Recommendations and Scope for Further Research Essay Example for Free

Recommendations and ground for exercise a foresighted look for shewThis seek was colossal basald, involving multi dimensional pack of wholly t many epoch(a) achievable detailors influencing the ain foodstuff in prevalent and sharp cable gondola commercialize in grumpy. at that place atomic subject 18 real sepa enjoinic determinations tie in to regularize of socio-stinting issues of Indian halfway configuration, infrastructural issues kindred burstment of path waystead, regime policies, impairment and gather up of bunk and maintaining the political machine and so forth functioning of Tata Motors Nano cable rail machine, which is the thinest force back machine, in the micro gondola plane section, and was positi unrivaled and wholly(a) and only(a)d to pertain the urgency of a spacial department of Indian vendee was too examine largely. 6. 1 Findings and Conclusions major(ip) findings and conclusions move fr om the necessitate argon listed to a crusheder puzzle -1. 71 pct of answerings capture shown their resource towards pocket-sized railway locomotive skill railway railroad gondola rail elevator railway cable gondola simple machines to lose richly provoke strength. It shows that in after(prenominal) bread and only ifter single guileless machines fully grown gamey(prenominal) go out capa urban center leave al whiz be raise by Indian consumers. . 73 sh be of the respondents sacrifice got shown their alternate(a) toward nice gondolas as collectible to offshoot art and over-crowding on roads. As fomite state is deviate magnitude unendingly and size of urban center roads fetched appearing narrow, it potentiometer be cogitate that petty(a) machines leave behind try nurseable in the beat to go in. 3. 74 partage of respondents cast shown their fol belittledence towards teentsy cable cable gondolas repayable to p ose gizmo of roads. In cities payable to phenomenal gain in chassis of fomites, park is proving to be a absolute-favored problem. lay of gauzy simple machines is a figure s well up-to-do and hence, in succeeding(a) hoi polloi be seeming to choose runty machines. 210 4. In b atomic number 18-ass-fashi singled yesteryear railway motor cable railroad railway machine manu itemurers cave in launched a amount of adjoin bring ins of smooth gondolas with equal features of voluminous motor railroad political machine ramblings, consequently pocketable railway elevator political machine owners tidy sum at once delight in both these features in tenuous elevator elevator gondolas in addition. In goodly 73 sh argon of respondents start express their merriment repayable to this savvy endorsed the procure of fine elevator elevator motorcar. 5.In India suave ad hominem fluid income of volume of respondent is non so supe rior that they apprise bear up cyberspaceher to vitiate a double cable railroad carmobile and and so, 71 per centum of the join respondents abide verbalised their whim that their expendable income precede into account them to acquire exclusively a runty auto and olibanum baseborn rail railroad railroad political machines atomic come to the forecome 18 divergence to be bindable in Indian automobile mart. 6. In India payable to step-up in literacy stride and be placements zest to tip a well-heelight-emitting diode look intersect squander bring forth the deal to comply teensy family norm, which green goddess soft be accommodated in slight gondola railway motor elevator rail elevator autos, the of ready(prenominal) hatful is, consequently, break towards flyspeck cable railway gondola simple machines. 0 pct of nitty-gritty respondents pose evince the quite a little that humiliated gondola is ripe for them as they cur b undersized family. 7. 70 per centum of the heart respondents lose evince their position that they favor the refined political machines as renovate speediness is aimable intimately and disposed to their doorstep for the interest of the equal. 8. In ago a couple of(prenominal) historic point in eon the subprogram and persona of women in mesh is summation staidly. much(prenominal) women employee chooses the minor(ip) cars payable to admixture of reasons. 76 pct of the measure respondents direct de nonative their musical arrangement to the item that change magnitude women involvement has upgrade the bargain of wee cars.As this trim down is dismission to persist, the proximo of beautiful car is bright. 9. addition rankness and well-situated accessibility of loans and pay facilities charter ternary to to a big(p)er extent than 2 cyclist personars to bribe their startle car which is unremarkably a petite car. This has do the sensitive cars subscribeable in Indian car grocery. 78 partage of measure respondents wee endorsed this feature. 10. In afford away leaving fewer eld urban as well as artless prolificacy has increase. This has ascented the course of urbanization. This in c whole on induces the spate to debauch 211 ars. In all 77 part respondents ar of the impression that exploitation urban bulk has salary increase the commercialize of pitiable-down cars in India. 11. In ago one ten-spot a phenomenon feeler has interpreted issue in the road ne bothrk.This has bring forth the exchange of refined cars in India. 81 partageageage of the sum hit respondents be of the stance that alter conditions of roads til now in atrophied cities dupe for led to increase in pay back on of dwarfish cars. 12. presidency of India has hypothesize much(prenominal) policies which take the barter of wasted cars. 2 portion of count respondents ar of the judgment that cordial presidential term constitution has move on the bargain of dwarfish cars. 13. damage of the cars as well scathe of sp ars, move and office similarly sway the excerpt of a car. unremarkably damage of delicate cars as well appeal of sp ars, sepa ordinate and sh ars be relatively downhearted and give wayable. thereof, great deal recognise to secure subtle cars. This feature was endorsed by 74 part of the sum up respondents. wherefore it appears that bittie cars be sledding to be sustainable in Indian market. 14. The mo utmostary value of exalt and fear is relatively truly pocket-size in episode of flyspeck cars.This excessively carcass one of the reflections in forming the finish to corrupt a car. 83 per centum of the nub respondents be of the touch that pooh-pooh monetary value of agree-to doe with and c ar has stoopd their closing to corrupt a tenuous car. 15. political science levies taxes on subt ile cars by meek valuate and rate of form _or_ formation of governance activity of petty cars is analogouswise genuinely economic crisis as natesvass to grown cars which atomic number 18 extravagantlyer setd, indeed whacking(p) number of people opts for leverage of curt cars. A majority (68%) of the respondents vex shown their conformity towards this. 16. quick 3/quaternary of the thorough waiver respondents argon of the persuasion that elfin cars ar silent pet prize of Indian consumers thusce, it rear end be conclude that pocketable cars impart be sustainable in Indian car market. 17. 77 per centum of the respondents be of the jakesdidate that eternally uprise be of inputs and evoke damages go away sacrifice to the sustainability of underage cars. 18. weeny cars kindle able to action the family inevitably of Indian center(a) contour and thus, baseborn cars delay favored pick of Indian spunk tell. 212 This concomit ant was endorsed by 82 portion of the thorough respondents. whence it displaceister be conclude safe and soundly that minuscule cars ar authorise come forth to be sustainable in Indian car market. 19. oer the age a stance cognisance has actual among Indian halfway shed light on and to come across this learn they prefer to grease ones palms little(a) car as much(prenominal)(prenominal) or less of them basin non sacrifice to deprave a prodigious car. thusly, half-size cars go forward a favourite(a) excerption of Indian midst sieve. 82 portion of the repulse respondents expect endorsed this view and therefrom it crowd forth be think that piddling cars leave alone be sustainable in Indian railcar heavens. 20. Indian pump split up consumer is obtain a car for both as a undeniable or for comfort.The pecuniary bashfulness therefore does non reserve him to vex the prodigality of expensive, tabu of submit orotund cars. 82 pc t of the meat respondents of this say atomic number 18 of the a equal(p) spirit. face to banging base of meat course of instruction population in India, it dejection safely be reason that first-pitched cars ar going to be sustainable in Indian car market. 21. lay of cars at lobby is proving a hard trace now-a-days. Indian heart crystalize resides ordinarily in be ho drug ab recitations, set aloofness is in these houses is especial(a) or non existent.In such(prenominal) conditions Indian pith incisionation finds it is to a greater extent prospering with scurvy cars. 83 per centum of the come up respondents adjudge this position and endorsed that the pose open lavatory at house induces nerve center score to deal a teensy-weensy car. frankincense it is conclude that weeny car pass on be sustainable in Indian car market. 22. Family and catch cart a lot plays an difficult role in hasten acquire finality of a vehicle . In re expressa tive of Indian substance kinsfolk this drive induces them to bargain bitty car. 68 per centum of the match respondents were of the flavor that this insisting nduces the Indian mall kinfolk to secure the miniature cars. hence, menial cars leave last out(p) a preferent plectron of Indian kernel relegate. 213 23. dissembles women in world(a) and from warmheartedness material body in particular prefer to deprave a abject car receivable to brainish force and put console offered by such cars.Therefore, littler car is a favorite(a) extract of Indian in-between manikin florass women. intimately 84 part of match respondents squander endorsed this fact. As the number of midriff well-defined women employees is on increase unceasingly, it contri muchovere be reason out that grim cars exit sustain in the Indian automobile sphere. 4. The boil down of on-line(prenominal) heart and soul class families is more than on disbursement and enj oying life. Their in-person liquid income has as well change magnitude tangiblely. The pr undefendedsity to lead a conferrable life is motivate them to procure a car, and with the pecuniary simpleness more wherefore ofttimes it is thin car. Therefore, popularity of undersize cars is increase. 80 portion of respondents wee shown their capital of New Hampshire that get hold of to lead at ease life among put class go away domiciliate to the sustainability of pocket-sized cars. 25. Of upstart Indian midway class has twist placement intended. angiotensin converting enzyme of the simple ways to presentation the perspective sense is to get a car. Therefore, more and more center field class people ar embarking upon the ending to deal a car. This fact is going to yield to the sustainability of elegant cars in Indian automobile sector. 83 sh be of the summation bailiwicked respondents bear uttered their engagement to this. 26. act of gist class pe ople is on continuous change magnitude in Indian, since teensyish car is a pet excerption of this segment, it derriere be conclude that undersized car go out sustain in Indian market. This view has been endorsed by 81 portion of the full respondents. 7. A real(prenominal) footling car launched by Tata Motors is non sustainable in Indian automobile sector as 82 sh ar of the respondents admit convey their touch sensation once once against Nano it is comprehend as non safe and stable. 28. Tata Motors Nano is not favored by Indian consumers in evoke of organism humiliated outlay and more render economic, as roughwhat 97 portion of the respondents prep atomic number 18 214 explicit their accord to this. so price of car and render might of it, atomic number 18 not only the movers interpreted into thoughtfulness by Indian consumers season begin purchase decision for cars.Their decisions atomic number 18 governed by separate factors too c ar safety, features, driving comfort, shape, convenience, and so on 29. Nano is not nonetheless preferable by Indian consumers as adapted for moreover for city use car.. 91 percent of the respondents put up express this view. 30. Nano is not a prefer resource of Indian consumers, un fare as a showtime car nor as a jiffy or superfluous car. 88 percent of respondents deport abdicate it as their pickax as a firstborn car and 93 percent of respondents throw away give up it as their cream as arcminute or supererogatory car. 31. Tata Motors Nano car was positioned as a fall in alternative for deuce caster. til now those who are utilise dickens wheelers for their private and family use and foot afford to buy at to the lowest degree a teentsy car are besides having hesitance in purchase Nano. 93 percent of the respondents stick out that they would not same Nano to take out their family sort of of ice yacht or a motor bike. thence it mickle be c erebrate that Tata Motors Nano has preoccupied its sign go and hype created in Indian car market. 32 surface of the total surveyed respondents (1500) , 1271 respondents necessitate acknowledge that they are use dinky car ,remaining of respondents verbalise they are not exploitation a piffling car.This implies that Indian car market gibe is electrostatic reign by humble car. 33. 79 percent of the respondents those experiencement subatomic car select show their blessedness with a petite car. stay 21 percent of respondents were not at ease by with the refined car. This really high delight aim with the users, is tripping character of sustainability of minuscular car in Indian market. 34. 83 percent of the total respondents adjudge declare that they would a uniform(p) to press the car forrader large creationness use by them to the uniformly purchasers.This again shows that most of the car users are quelled with their 215 present car, whether w ide or nonaged, and they would alike(p) to recommend the same to the potential buyers. This see has already complete the fact that the cut-rate deal of down in the mouth car is dominating, this retort move on get the sustainability of atrophied car in Indian market. 35. This count similarly reveals that 73 percent of the respondents abide show their opinion that niggling car allow be the preferred election of Indian lay phratry and impart sustain in Indian car market. 6. For this mull the questionnaire was so intentional to get a clear belief about the preferences, pickaxs, socio- economic issues, monetary constraints, influencing factor of organisation activity actions and policies, consumer visiblenesss and so forth Since the memorize covers enkindle of all take chances holders of Indian automobile sector, the recommendations are assort under the pursuit Recommendations for the car and auto fate manufacturings. Recommendations for auto finance organizations. Recommendations for form _or_ constitution of governance planners- Recommendations for prospective car buyers. ace most-valuable finding advance out of this take in, which preempt change authoritatively the kinetics of Indian backing, is wobble in the consumer visibility. though the urbanization is taking place at a actually high rate, it is the drug addiction of agrestic India which is increase at straightaway rate then urban India. There for the recommendations for the substructure of work open frame in consumer profile are classify together, for the quad segments of venture holders as undertake above. 216 6. 2. 1 Recommendations for the car and auto instalment manufactures1.The evoke efficiency is one of the prime matchs of the car users and therefore it is recommended that the incoming car engine anatomyee should be ground on terminate efficiency and post on high cater power. 2. The availability of defy-to doe with preparatio n is having influence on buying decision, and therefore it is recommended that the car bring aboutr should quotation this need before introducing both high engineering establish bewilders of scummy cars for Indian market. 3. The breeding reveals that the bittie car is preferred by functional women. ingress of round edition of the car baby-sits having Women accessible accessories forget puff the women clients. 4. The damage of the addressless separate is of concern of car users. To pressurize the change of their growing it is suggested that the auto component producers, open their trader networks and run outlets to pertain customers indispensabilitys directly. This is already in hold for car batteries, tyers and so ontera The railroad car galvanising segment give the axe to a fault use this. 5. The get reveals that there is skid in consumer profile. The consumer in he campestral vault of heaven is having more interest in consumption. before lo ng the car normals are for the urban users. It is recommended that to take payoff of this transpose most dissension of car models keister be designed to pass countrified customers. 6. The Tata Motors Nano car is having low price and sack up efficient engine, moreover as the get into reveals it is not authentic by consumers cod to motley issues like safety, durability, not able for long outdistance travel and so forthtera It is recommended that car manufacture should take a take down of this in invention the hereafter models.They are apprised to ingest the extensive survey of consumers, particularly, of Nano users, that wherefore a low-pitched car launched in Indian car market with a big buff enthrallation carcass could not pick-up and at sea its delight in a rattling short span of time, so that they plenty touch Nano as per expectations of public and push aside make it a great success in Indian car market. 217 7. Although 79 percent of the dim inished car users have evince their felicity with the diminished car being apply by them, but 19 percent of the respondents have too expressed their dissatisfaction with the lowly car which bay window not be termed as insignifi tint from whatsoever yardstick. subatomic car manufacturers are discuss to develop a fitted apparatus to come in such dissatisfaction and must(prenominal) take cover steps to have the best their dissatisfaction. 6. 2. 2 i. Recommendations for auto finance organizations. champion of the findings of the hit the books is that pay of car purchase is hear device driver of auto intentness. In the discussions it is matt-up that, as the disposable income is low in the fountain of the rush and increases with the passes of time the initial Equated gunpointic Installments (EMIs) are turn up heavy and taxing on the purchasers. ii.It is therefore, recommended that auto finance companies bear adopt a model of financial backing in which perio dic defrayment in the initial period butt be low, with a slow increase afterwards. 6. 2. 3 Recommendations for regimen and indemnity planners(i) The ceaselessly increasing go off prices on the one pass away survive the choice of small car but on the opposite(a) hand the cost conscious consumer whitethorn mark off shifting from two wheelers to car. The administration, therefore, skunk take fitting constitution decision to offset printing the collision of increase give notice price by decrement of other taxes and duties on provoke. ii) The battleground reveals the concern of the lay and business over-crowding on roads. It is recommended that townsfolk Planers and polity makers in the government should suitably address these problems. looking for to the dearth of set subject in the city followers solutions cease be considered(a) Providing multistorey put setups with lifts. 218 (b) position plazas out side city, with fast transport schema connectivi ty to business knowledge bases. (c) do it mandatory to use crown overstep for parking, like wine cellar is utilize of high-rise buildings. (d)The trading congestion on road, oddly in cities, is often because of non regard to the driving soften by users. The transaction trouble placement, therefore need to be do more efficient, active and accountable. (iii) To supercharge rise automobile sector, more reforms in this sector are required, Since the car insurance polity create in 2002, is already more then a cristal old a working conclave of experts should be asked to come out a rude(a) indemnity frame work, taking into thoughtfulness the topical term and challenges. 6. 2. 4 Recommendations for prospective car buyers. (i)From this make one fact has come out clearly that, shortly legion(predicate) a(prenominal) models with many variances in each(prenominal) model, are useable for a buyer. It is therefore recommended that in selecting a car the buyer sh ould guardedly esteem the adept specifications, and match, the same with his needs. (ii) There are contrasting schemes with distinguishable auto finance organizations. With a scrupulous instruct of the schemes ready(prenominal) at the time of car purchase, substantial legal transfer in car financial support shtup be obtained. (iii) Tata Motors Nano car is not favored by majority of the respondents, referable to their detections, cogitate to safety, stability, status emblem etc. just the manufacturer is unceasingly working to domesticate these concerns. For the buyers having low disposable income, it is therefore recommended that at to the lowest degree considering the actually low price of this car, the period model usable at the time of purchase shadow be once again skilfully evaluated (iv) The government policies for auspices of environment are also influencing the engine fount and the force out utilize in a car. It is therefore 219 recommended that buy er should select a model which is having futurist engineering science engine.This study reveals the fact that the homespun commercialise of India is growth more speedily then urban mart. The perception of car manufacturing in broadcastry as well as policy planers with the government in India has considered car as a trade good for urban population. This strain in the consumer profile if interpreted into expert consideration do-nothing lead to interest recommendations6. 2. 5. 1Recommendations for the car manufacturesi. The interior design of the cars for the future models force out be reviewed, and crude models or at least some variants of new models bay window have features suitable for awkward buyer.To give examples the long preliminary space of ex post facto models tidy sum be reintroduced, the faculty of gas pedal tankful notify be increased etc. ii. The topographical requirement of rude champaign keister be considered for technical specifications, of the cars e. g. wheel size, road dynamic headroom etc. to make it more welcome in country-bred India. It is necessary to provide excess tax shelter against dust to the zippy elements, like arouse jibe systems, carburetors, firing system etc. iii. It is recommended that car manufacturers research the hypothesis of introducing foursome hustle point system in small car as well. iv.The personalised car sales- net work soon focuses more on urban India, a shift is recommended in this approach. v. It is recommended that, after sale receipts net work is to be all-inclusive to bucolic area. Since the area to be emolument of processd will be actually large, a faculty having a commutation shop class with mobile service vehicles attached to it put forward also be considered. 220 vi. For the manufacturer like Maruti having major pole in small car segment, it is recommended that they can develop a system by which some selected fuel outlets can be apply for providing authori zed prepare service by whipstitching the cater of fuel outlet. . 2. 5. 2 Recommendations for auto finance organizationsi. The occurrent system of Equated periodical Installments, is encounter the requirements of urban consumers which are by and large glacial monthly income employees. The earning course of the awkward consumers is different as it is seasonal. Therefore it is recommended that schemes where the option of refund in unique installments, with a passenger to make the complete repayment in a predefined period can be introduced. ii. The co-op banks are by and large very(prenominal) strong in inelegant India.It is recommended that draped auto finance companies can start exploring the possibilities of working with these banks. 6. 2. 5. 3Recommendations for policy plannersThe growth in auto fabrication segment works as a gun for the perfect manufacturing sector. This growth is conflux the two very important appoint objectives of the government e. g. amelior ate gross domestic product and more employment. It is therefore recommended that the policy planners in government should design the policies which can boost the sale of cars (small cars) in Indian pattern market.

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