Thursday, August 1, 2019

Description of Greece by Pausanias Essay

If there was a book that I would recommend to cultural adventurers and artsy-fartsy people, Description of Greece by Pausanias is the perfect book. Aside from Greek mythology books mass distributed in bookshops, this book has, more or less, everything you have to know about the world’s earliest empire. Ancient History Source book says, â€Å" Pausanias was a Greek traveler from Lydia during the height of the Roman rule†. This book boasts of many highlights and is considered one of the single most important books written about the historic country. It may contain many â€Å"big words† and terminologies but it only goes to show that Pausanias has actual been to Greece and not just some bogus geographer who even has a hard time finding the place on the World Map. He tells stories of mythical and human beings existing together through love, war and hunger for more power and supremacy. The book contains details that would open the eyes of any middling tourist exploring Greece. One potent example for Greece’s grandeur through Pausanias’ book is the story of Ptolemy, who had on several occasions, been a target of rumors because of his lineage as well as the narrative about the bronze statue of Hermes. Description of Greece is a searing outlet of all things Greek from its primitive formation up to modern period. You’ll surely appreciate it, albeit the length, for all the data you’ll be getting. The possibility of the specifics on this book are endless so you can never go wrong. And who knows, you might be enticed to go there and take a look at the famous ruins yourself. Happy traveling! Reference

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