Wednesday, September 11, 2019

C-T-E Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

C-T-E - Essay Example The failure to identify, expressly, the conceptual model that a researcher used in his or her study leaves readers guessing within a study’s conceptual context. It is not guaranteed that readers will guess the right conceptual model and they might end up not benefitting from such studies. Clinical judgment entails the use of information observed and recorded from a patient to make conclusions. This process helps in advising patients on how to improve their health. When promoting evidence-based research, clinical judgment involves patients in deciding the best practice to be adopted in intervention while taking into account their values. The situation is another thing that is considered in clinical judgment because different situations will come with unique sets of conditions. Clinical judgment is needed in different aspects in the clinical setting including communication, decision-making, therapy, and diagnosis (Kienle & Kiene, 2011). Continuous critical analysis, knowledge, experience, and practice are needed in the development of clinical judgment. These elements accounts for the differences noted between junior and senior medical practitioners in terms of their level of clinical judgment. Senior medical practitioners emphasize theoretical knowledge less than their junior counterparts do. Previous experience of cases and course of events is central to the level of clinical judgment exuded by senior clinicians whereas it is less important to the juniors. Senior clinicians are more likely to emphasize ethical and moral considerations when making clinical judgment more than junior clinicians do (Nilsson & Pilhammar, 2009). This made Kienle and Kiene (2011) to conclude that clinical judgment can be optimized and professionalized. This explains why new interns need intense supervision while on residency. Some interns have problems during clinical rotations and supervisors have to

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