Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Corporate Social Responsibility - Research Paper Example As an international franchise, this is an opportunity to participate in counseling and such-like initiatives that will help to alleviate this drug abuse menace. First and foremost, as for a franchise in the hotel industry, the relevance of drug abuse is rife and the implications are severe. When the youth abuse drugs, insecurity, crimes and vandalism are the likeliest results of their actions with hotels (ICAP, 2004). As a hotel with such highly recognized international standards, the benefits of dealing with the menace will be immense. The youth will be rehabilitated while the company will help to make the locality a safe haven for its visitors. It will also provide a chance for guests to invest in the area thereby providing a great leverage for raising the standards of living of the local people (Benabou and Tirole, 2010). The youth will engage in meaningful social and economic activities, hence assuring the industry of its continuity. This is a low-cost initiative, given the benef its expected at the end of it all. Given that most of the Marriot employees are from within the locality, the initiative has a high chance of success. The employees will lead the initiative while directing the management team to areas with the greatest need for resources and specialized attention. This will also act as a way of recognizing the employees’ efforts, hence maintaining loyalty within the workforce. Therefore, less money will be used to contract people to take part in the whole process. The company will save money that could have been used for advertisements since the employees will act as the advertisers in the locality (Benabou and Tirole, 2010). Once its kicks off, the project will require lesser monetary contributions from the company. This is so because the number of sponsors is expected to increase and support this noble cause. The youth will also have their initiatives from which they will gain money and sustain themselves. The implementation will be as foll ows. Employees from the locality will be given a chance to map out the areas that require the company’s intervention. After the areas have been identified, the neediest of them all will be picked as the first to receive assistance (Thompson, 2005). This will act as the stepping stone to all other areas since the success or failure of the first initiative will determine the approaches used to tackle the remaining ones, and thus mapping the initiative’s success path. The hotel will then include the costs of hiring the counseling personnel to train the works on how to go about this issue and what factors to look out for when seeking to help individuals affected by drug abuse. This is crucial as it increases awareness and allows each to use their skills and any prior information to ensure the initiative succeeds (ICAP, 2004). The creation of rehabilitation centers is also important as a way of ensuring that those young people who wish to get help can have a place where the y can run to without being judged or mistreated. To ensure the company benefits from this initiative, there are several aspects that need to be done from the initial stages. The employees must first be brought on board for full participation to be accorded. Those who will be at work will also

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