Friday, October 18, 2019

Global Supply Chain Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Global Supply Chain Management - Essay Example Mollenkopf, et al. (2010) has discussed on the concept of the sustainable supply chain management system. The synchronization process of green, lean and global supply chain management processes have been discussed in the article. All the other journals have provided the different approaches of the supply chain management process. However, Mollenkopf, et al. has depicted a new concept that can maintain the ecological balances. The author has mentioned that, by reducing the carbon emissions and utilizing the natural gasses, the companies can progress towards the sustainable business practices. The author has also added that in order to deal with the competition of the global market, the companies are required to manage the supply chain processes effectively. The report highlights on the major issues of the supply chain management system. The issues such as inventory management, better networking, outsourcing etc. have been identified as the major challenges of the supply chain managers of the global firms. The report also concluded that sustainable business practices are the major concern for most of the global firms at present time. The discussions of the articles have also found that most of the companies have been focusing on collaborating the stages of the supply chain management system. Moreover, the authors have also stressed on TQM as a process of ensuring the quality parameter. Managing sustainable supply chain practices and the operational cost can be considered difficult tasks for the global managers.

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