Friday, October 18, 2019

Kingston-Galloway Neighborhood and Its Peculiarities Assignment

Kingston-Galloway Neighborhood and Its Peculiarities - Assignment Example It must be underlined that â€Å"the population of Kingston-Galloway is 28,042 people† [Hayes D., 2008] in their diversity of nationalities.  On the one hand, Scarborough is one of the most beautiful, green and livable territories in Toronto. Consequently, Kingston-Galloway neighbourhood as its part can be recognized as a good place to give birth and raise children. On the other hand due to the settlement of the black, Hindus, Tamils, and the crime situation it is not attractive to stay there (although the white live in the district too). So the result is that such surroundings are not able to be a priority to encourage people to do their best in rising of a population. As for the statistic data given readers by workers of the University of Toronto, Deborah Coven and Vanessa Parlette (they both were active in community projects in Kingston-Galloway for five years), Kingston-Galloway â€Å"had a population of 31,715 in 1971, and 40,846 in 2006† [Cowen D., Paulette V., June 2011] in comparison. Furthermore, we can analyze the percentage of population growth up during these years which is small - 7 % in 1971 and 11% in 2006 respectively. Probably a certain effect has a bad level of life in this district. The figures speak for themselves - Kingston-Galloway has â€Å"†¦the highest concentration of subsidized housing in all of Ontario, 42% of all families with children are lone-parent families – much greater than the Toronto average† [Shark S., 2009]. All these facts depict not so optimistic financial situation in the neighbourhood. When people have good living conditions and confidence in the future they can afford themselves to have children. As we see there is no positive picture in this aspect in Kingston-Galloway. Moreover, the statistics say that household income has dropped 35% from 1971 till 2006 years. Still, there is some successful tendency in the development of social life norms in Kingston-Galloway. The main achievement is the organization of the Storefront, an interaction group which consists of service providers and people of the district.  Ã‚  

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