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Research Report Proposal Essays - Employment, Free Essays Research Report Proposal Workplace Health and Safety in the Workplace By DHRUV PATEL 300856248 GNED 219 - 004 Submitted to: Prof. Philip Alalibo October 9, 2015 Proposal: 1. Description of the Subject: - Workplace health and safety is one of the biggest concern in Canadian workplace that has affected many Canadian lives. It is the major obstacle for the employers to cope up with as it is the primary responsibility of the employers to ensure their worker's health and safety. It takes combined efforts of both employers and workers to ensure that the workplace is safe and effective steps are evolving to prevent any or every incident. Research Statement: - Workplace Health and Safety: A challenge for employer Our topic "Impacts of Immigration" and "Impacts of Technology in Canadian workplace" directly or indirectly addresses the issue of workplace health and safety in the workplace. Canada is a multicultural country as we welcome thousands of immigrants every year. Immigrants think of Canada as prime modem of safer and economically stable country to ensure their subtle future. Mainly, because Canada offers a huge range of employment in compare to any other country and also multiculturalism. If the employer won't tackle the issue of sa fety and health, it not only would affect their business but Canadian economy as well. In general, not only immigrants but Canadians will no longer feel safe to work in the environment that is hazardous to them. On the other hand, Technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring workplace health and safety. Employers are bringing in more and more machines to increase productivity. While in contrast, it could also create a threat for the workers as often big and heavy machines comes with ample of wirings and knife-sharped tools which can easily add up to a critical injury in the workplace. The debate around health and safety in workplace is mainly revolves employers and ministry of health and safety. Both prime concern is worker's health and safety. Employers must ensure health and safety of each and every individual that work for them. Employer should always promote safety agenda to prevent incidents. They must encourage workers to opt out for insurance to cover all of their health issues that are not covered by the Health Canada which includes prescriptions as well. Safety meet should be organized every month or two and hear problems from both end's . Workplace essentials such as safety shoes, garments etc . should be mandatory and remain the responsibility of both worker and employer to ensure that. The civil argument over obligatory representative medication testing as a method for guaranteeing that working environments are medication and liquor free proceeds in this nation, especially in security delicate segments, and generally as an after effect of impact from the United States, where such testing is a great deal more common. Those for required medication testing in the work environment for the most part depend intensely on contentions with respect to wellbeing, security and efficiency. It is attested, for instance, that individuals who test decidedly for medications and liquor in the work environment have higher rates of non-appearance and poorer occupation execution than different representatives and that they represent a risk to working environment, and now and again even open, security. Then again, the individuals who solidly contradict medication testing trust that, while the objective of a sound, sheltered and gainful workplace is commendable, required testing claims excessively incredible a social expense. Specific accentuation is set on the way that medication testing is an encroachment of an individual's real uprightness and his or her entitlement to protection. It is additionally affirmed that medication testing projects victimize people on the premise of a real or saw incapacity. The in quiry then emerges in the matter of whether a parity can be struck between the sympathy toward open and work environment wellbeing and the sympathy toward individual protection and human rights. On the other hand, this inquiry presupposes that a huge business related medication and liquor issue exists in this nation and that medication testing is the best method for battling it . 2. Literature Review: Source 1: Smith, D. (2000). Consulted to death. Winnipeg: Arbeiter Ring Pub. Description of content in

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