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Philosophical JournalDiary reflecting one's own thoughts and opinions Essay

Philosophical JournalDiary reflecting one's own thoughts and opinions upon several topics. Details below - Essay Example In the above context, the opposite choice group feel that the decision of assisting in euthanasia is intention to kill. In contract, the pro-choice groups argue that the favouring of euthanasia is due to intention of achievement of good and comfortable death. In that context, the opposite choice group feel that the sanctity of life is above the autonomy of one's decision to live or die. While discussing about the dividing line between acceptable and unacceptable measures, Somerville Margaret (2002), argues that both sides are wrong as the dividing line lies somewhere in the middle of both the arguments. The balance of the arguments lies in the right of competent adults to refuse treatment, which is painful. The refusal for the treatment lies in the fact that it is their right to have a treatment that can relieve pain even it shortens the life. Hence, the argument void of right of refusal of the painful treatment does not give a clear logic about the Euthanasia irrespective of pro and anti arguments. 1 While discussing pros and cons of Euthanasia, one have to consider the modern Hippocratic Oath that is taken by medical students from 1964. In that, it is clear that a doctor should avoid the twin traps of over treatment and therapeutic nihilism. Here one can quote Louis Lasagna about nihilism, which is a doctrine that declares nothing can be known or communicated. As Louis Lasagna is against therapeutic nihilism, the doctor should consider the views and intentions of patient regarding Euthanasia and should think combining them with medical ethics. In addition the modern Hippocratic Oath on web site of Nova Onlilne ( states that, the duty of the doctor is to tread with care in matters of life and death. The doctor has to act responsibly in case of saving and taking life but with all humbleness and awareness. The above factor supports the idea of taking a life of patient on moral and humanitarian grounds without acting on god. Hence, as per the responsibility of the modern Hi ppocratic Oath, the administrations can allow Euthanasia in special cases that are according to norms prescribed in legislation. The modern Hippocratic Oath also states that "The doctor should treat a patient keeping in mind a sick human being but not a fever chart of a cancerous growth". The above quote states that the doctor should follow moral values and more technical while prescribing and emotional while treating. However, the emotions should not dominate the treatment, but they should guide the doctor up to the level maintaining morality about addressing the concerns of family and economic stability of the patient. According to above concerns in modern Hippocratic Oath, the pro choice groups can argue that the Euthanasia is reasonable if it relieves a patient from his painful sickness in the context of medical science is unable to treat him or relieve him of pain. Even in that inevitable situation, the question arises about the poor patient who suffers and cannot avail the benefits of medical science. In the above context, the role of

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