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A Comparison of JavaScript and VBScript

Question: 1 Understand website design concepts 2 Be able to design interactive websites 3 Be able to implement interactive websites 4 Be able to test interactive websites. Answer: The website in question will be created for a book store. In general, it would be an e-commerce website. The consumer will be capable of purchasing books from the website and then, it will be shipped to a destination of their own choosing. EBooks are not included on the site will deal with actual books, that is, books in paperback formats. Even though, there is a large number of competitors in this business, the market focus of the business is precise and small. The main target are those individuals who are passionate about reading books which have been written by independent and unknown authors. These authors are the individuals who write a decent fascinating book, however, the book doesnt get the necessary amount of attention being in the crowd of various contemporary booksellers, both online and offline. Thus, the model of the business is quite straightforward locate a book which has been written by somewhat anonymous and independent writers, assess the books by an internal reade rs team who will find out the eligibility of the books in regards to being present in the website and then, the books will be catalogued on the site. So, along with providing the consumers a book which is unique and a substitute site for locating a good book to read, the developers will also help these anonymous authors by presenting their works to a small and dedicated audience and thus, help in the generation of a good traction. Thus, the website is required to save and present these books and needs to have a certain limited book set in precise categories which are not as extensive as the ones found at contemporary book stores and the major emphasis is on the collection of these titles. The issue that is being endeavored to be resolved has two attributes one, the independent writers will be provided a proper platform where their works iwont get vanish in the huge ocean of writers and second, to assist readers in locating high-quality, fascinating books which they would have generally not noticed at all. So, any time a consumer visits the website, they will remember that they will locate some unique and difficult to find books which are interesting and fascinating. As this will be an exclusive business, it will be quite difficult to find any other business which is exactly like this one. But, might be a little alike to the business because this website, also, sell and catalogues books from stand-alone authors. But, the focus is not on locating and curating excellent books from stand-alone authors. It needs to be on the creation of a contemporary platform and cataloguing books, only for stand-alone writers. Additionally, the focus of the a bove mentioned website is being given to e-books, while this site will emphasize of paperback and hardbound books. Thus, to create the site and make a catalogue of such stand-alone writers and their books, other book sellers like can be looked up to as an example. 2.1 The main objective of the site is to offer readers a substitute source of contemporary e-book sellers in lieu of overcrowded stores, so that the reader can locate an excellent and fascinating book to read and at the same moment, assisting proper stand-alone authors to be discovers and praised among an excellent audience of readers. The results The 1st page of the site will clearly be the homepage. Its heading will be Welcome to Indiebookz. Also, the homepage will catalogue some core book sets in two sections Featured and New Releases The 2nd page will be the Browse page. Within this page, books that belong to various genera will be catalogued. It will provide an exhaustive and full catalogue of books that are segmented on the basis of their genre that is there at the storehouse The 3rd page will be the Requests page where in readers can request books from specific stand-alone authors who are not listed on the site or books which are presently not available at stock The 4th page will be the About Us. On this page, individuals can get to know about the bookshop and its history, objectives, etc. It will also feature a basic FAQs section about the books, their ordering procedure and details regarding shipping. The 5th page will be named Contact Us and will have all the necessary details in regards to contacting the store, like the address of their offices, their contact numbers, etc. Information required The content for the website will be generated from various distinct sources. Some of these sources were developed and written from scratch while the other sources will be gained from challengers and other bookshops on the Internet. These sources are, and Additionally, all other information can be gained from with the utilization of the copyright exempted filter. Utilization of Form The form will be utilized on the 3rd page, that is, the Request page. The page will permit the readers to make requests for a specific book which may be being carried out by the business or is presently not available or wasnt listed, at all. Thus, the form will be quite straightforward. The form will have 4 fields- Name of User E-mail of User Contact Number of the User The title of the book requested (if possible, link for the book present at another website, so that it can be exactly located.) All of the above mentioned fields are necessary and will be, accordingly, discernible. Site Map Wireframe Organization of the website Descriptions regarding how the website is organized in a proper and utilizable manner. A flowchart needs to be illustrated that will present the page pyramid and the links between these pages Webpages Catalogue of all the web pages and supplementing wireframe Home Browse Requests About Us Contact Us. With the utilization of proper criteria, assess the suitability of the design created in 1.1 against the related websites. Authority The founder/owner needs to be recognized on the site which will do through the About Us/Contact Us page Intention The intention of the site needs to be comprehensible through titles or sub-titles or name of the domain or the page titled About Us. In regards to the site, the principle is comprehensible through the name of the domain homepage will catalogue all the books Upgrades The site will be frequently upgraded and similar work needs to be notified via date stamps on content or through the categories, archives, etc. Organization and Design The site needs to have legible and clear sized fonts along with complementary backgrounds. This needs to be enough of clear space, a continuous layout and straightforward search and navigation abilities Performance Browser Compatibility Assessment (for all 3 chief browsers This would be straightforwardly done by the execution of the site in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari and going through all the pages and links. If this is quite closely similar for each of the browsers, then the assessment will be cleared Default Compliance Assessment with the utilization of W3C Validators To assess the compliance of the website, utilization of the W3C Validator present at the URL given was done Assessment of User Satisfaction encompassing Familiarity and Functionality Assessments - This will be done via a small usability assessment form present at or other similar web services and then the site will be attached to the survey. After this, it will be provided with 3 random assessors of various ages, background and IT literacy. The feedback will be recorded Accessibility Assessment via Screen Reader Captions and Simulators This will be done via the assistance of normal built-in screen reader app on major OS platforms. Offer assessment data for the above test and perform resulting analysis Age 53 Rate of Internet Literacy Extremely Basic The purpose of the website Book Ordering Shop Ease of the website Average ease Capable to read every section and texts Yes Navigation to other pages from existing page Yes Popular website frequently visited Wikipedia and Google Age Rate of Internet Literacy Advanced Purpose of the website Online Bookshop Ease of the website Simple Capable to read every section and texts Yes Navigation to other pages from existing page Yes Popular website frequently visited Entertainment, educational and social networking websites and various search engines. On the basis of the data given above, it can be implied that the website is quite simple to be utilized and both below average and advanced users of the internet can utilize the website. On the basis of the specification of design, develop and assess an appropriate user on the help screen. As the offered screen is only an example, the validation from the server side cant be performed. The assessment has been done on the Login page with the utilization of Javascript Validation, that is, for a precise password and username combination, a user is permitted access to the system. User documentation The site has 5 distinct pages, entitled as Home, Browse, Request, About Us and Contact Us. These pages can be navigated with the assistance of the navigation menu that can be found at the topmost part of the site. The 1st part, that is, the 1st page is the Homepage that catalogues some core book sets into two sections Featured and New Releases. The 2nd page, that is, the Browse page will contain the list of the books that belong to various genera. It will host the whole and exclusive catalogues of all the books, present at the storehouse, on the basis of their genera. To purchase a book or books, the option Add to cart can be selected and then, proceeded towards order page. The 3rd page will be Request page. The page will contain a request form which can be utilized by individuals to make requests for a specific book which is not catalogued on the website. All the details need to be filled in accurately so as to permit the website authorities to include the books. The 4th page will be the About Us page where in the details regarding the bookshop like the history of the shop, the objective, etc. Can be found. It will also host a list of basic FAQs which assist consumers in case they have queries regarding books, ordering of books and details of shipping. All the queries of the consumer will be answered on this page. The 5th and last page will be the Contact Us page, which will include the contact details of the bookshop like their office addresses and contact numbers. References,. (2013).mpub | Publishing @ SFU. Retrieved 16 April 2015, from ITProPortal,. (2010).A Comparison of JavaScript and VBScript | Retrieved 16 April 2015, from Kendall, K., Kendall, J. (1999).Systems analysis and design. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall. Levi, M., Conrad, F. (2011). Usability Testing of World Wide Web Sites. Retrieved 22 December 2014, from Nielsen, J. (1992). FINDING USABILITY PROBLEMS THROUGH HEURISTIC EVALUATION. Retrieved 22 December 2014, from Odell, J. (1998).Advanced object-oriented analysis and design using UML. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Teague, J. (2007).CSS, DHTML, Ajax. Berkeley, CA: Peachpit Press.,. (2011).Basic Web Design Principles. Retrieved 16 April 2015, from

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