Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Concerts Essay Example For Students

Concerts Essay The Concerts of 2000What would you do if you had the chance to go see your favorite bands perform? I had gotten the chance to see my favorites in the year 2000. My friends and I had so much fun at the six concerts that we went to together. We learned what not to do at concerts, like crowd surfing and mosh pitting. This was one hell of a summer that I will never forget. The first concert of this year was KISS: The Farewell Tour. This was one of the most electrifying shows that I had ever seen. They always did something different. Each band member had a little bit of being solo and in the spotlight for a while. Gene Simmons, a guitarist, was flying up into the rafters onto another stage and blood was running out of his mouth. They were all spectacular in their own ways. The second concert of the year was the one and only, The Who. Roger Daltrey, the lead singer, still had his curly hair from way back in the sixties when he sang My Generation. This concert wasnt too bad. They still have it. The next concert that we went to was the Up In Smoke tour featuring Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. We could smell weed throughout the whole concert. There were rappers there like Ice Cube, Warren G, Eminem, and Mack 10 besides Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. I think I had gotten a contact high from all of the weed smoke in there. It was such an awesome concert. Ozzfest 2000, the biggest and best concert of my life, would be the fourth concert that took place at Pine Knob.There were eighteen bands and two stages from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Most of the bands on the second stage were all making their concert debuts. Disturbed, a hard rock band, and Kittie, an all girl band, blew away most of the second stage bands. The mosh pitting and the crowd surfing were unbelievable. I almost got trampled from everybody pushing me in the mosh pit. On the first stage were some widely known bands and some new bands returning from last year. Ozzy Osbourne was the main attraction of the whole concert. He is one of my favorite singers. Before he came out, he made some parodies of American Pie, the Whaaaaassssuuuuppp commercial, The Sixth Sense, and a Brittany Spears video. That was so hilarious. Nothing will ever compare to this awesome concert. The greatest concert of my life, number five, is a hip-hop group consisting of nine rappers called Wu-Tang Clan. We went to go see them in the ghettos of Detroit at the State Theatre. I knew just about every song they sang. I was about five or six feet away from the stage. It felt like the best feeling in the world, except for the mosh pitting. I thought that we were going to get shot while we were there. The last and final concert of the year 2000 was Pearl Jam that took place at the Palace of Auburn Hills. It was so cool to be there with a band that will be remembered forever in my mind. We sat behind the stage, which was different for me. I had always sat in front of the stage because other bands would have it blocked off. I was kind of disappointed because they didnt play some of my favorite songs, but it was still one hell of a concert. Before Pearl Jam played their last song, Eddie Vedder, the lead singer, wanted the lights turned on to see who the true fans were. Some people were leaving to try to beat the traffic before the concert ended. Then they started the song and I could hear everyone singing along. I surely wouldnt have traded my ticket for anything. It was worth the money. This past summer I have had fun going to concerts and seeing my favorite bands perform. I have seen a lot of different cultures and styles of music. I will never forget being in the ghetto, the wild mosh pits, and the crazy things that went on at the concerts. So if your favorite bands come to town, dont hesitate to go or you might regret it later.

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